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Lent 2024

Lenten Resources 

As we prepare to commemorate Jesus’ salvific death and resurrection at Easter, it is hoped that this year’s edition of Diocesan Lenten Reflections will once again foster prayerful reflection on the Scriptures and a renewed sense of purpose and hope amongst the people of the Diocese.


The reflections have been written by a variety of people to express the richness of our Diocesan community.

Grateful thanks to those around our Diocese who have contributed so generously to these reflections.

You can access these resources via the Diocese website 


As a Parish we will also be looking to celebrate CAFOD Family Fast Day on the 23rd February. 

Please take a moment to click here and read this story to appreciate how you can change lives this Lent in Lockdown. 


In this Season of Lent, why not join online (via Zoom) for Sycamore sessions, which will focus on knowing God and our response to live out a ‘ministry of love’ in faith, freedom and love. Click here 



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