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Pastoral Parish Council Meetings


The Parish Council is an elected body of parishioners who have a consultative role in the

governance of the parish.


Purpose of the Council

The purpose of the Parish Council is:

  • To promote the involvement of the parishioners of St Mary’s in the life and work of the parish.

  • To coordinate the work and growth of the church in four areas, namely Spiritual, Social,

       Buildings/Maintenance and Finance. These areas will be reviewed at regular intervals.

  • To advise the Parish Priest on any point on which he seeks advice.

  • To survey regularly any needs referred to them by the Parish Priest and to advise him on satisfying those needs;

  • To undertake any work assigned to them by the Parish Priest with their agreement.


Responsibilities of the Council

The responsibilities of the council are: 

  • Mission, worship and formation: The fundamental mission of preaching the Gospel to everyone,

       celebration of the Sacraments and forming us all in the image of Christ.

  • Social: For the care and wellbeing of people in all matters not strictly spiritual as well as the development

       of the community and the co-ordination of fundraising in conjunction with the Parish Finance Committee.

  • Buildings: Ensure the upkeep, development and maintenance of all properties and assets.

  • Finance: Review reports and recommendations to/from the Parish Finance Committee.


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